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Suffering from wage garnishment? Foreclosure? Bank levy? Job loss? Or are medical bills too high? Affected by financial catastrophe?

Murakami Law firm, LLC has obtained financial relief for families trying to make ends meet with little or no income, as well as represented businesses with numerous shareholders dealing with insolvency.

You may need to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 12, or Chapter 13 in order to get effective relief and the “fresh start” you need.

Murakami Law Firm, LLC has been advising those devastated with the downturn in the economy. For over 18 years, attorney Murakami has been dedicated to vigorously representing individuals, families and businesses in many areas of bankruptcy.

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The options of filing bankruptcy under chapters 7, 12, or 13 will be discussed. This may be for you, your family or your business. Murakami Law Firm will explore other options, too, such as debt negotiation, debt consolidation, and other alternatives to bankruptcy.

Murakami Law Firm, LLC provides personalized services that include meeting and speaking directly with a licensed attorney for your concerns, questions and issues.

Get the professional legal advice and representation from an experienced attorney. Call Murakami Law Firm today at 507-280-0100 for a FREE initial consultation. Browse our website for more information about Personal Injury, Criminal Defense,  and Divorce and Family Law.

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